The project:
In the three villages of Nuevo Valentin,  Esperanza and  the island of Pihuicho (accessible by boat only) in the region of Loreto in Peru, installation of three rainwater catchment systems.
The three villages have a total population of 1 260 residents and the total project cost is $126,000.00.

The request:

From: Bill Furey, Castlegar Rotary Club, BC
To: Coup de Coeur Foundation and The Rotary Club of Montreal

This is the construction of three water catchment systems for three villages along the Amazon, not far downstream from Iquitos.
This project, with a total cost of $ 126,000.00, would provide drinking water to 1260 beneficiaries who currently have only access to contaminated water.
Again, the Service Provider will be the NGO APECA that has been working in this region for 23 years and has done an impeccable job during the implementation of our two previous projects.
They have established good relations with the communities and also have their respect. The three communities for the proposed water projects have officials who have been trained as health workers (Promotores de Salud) by APECA.
Since the implementation of this project is not possible without substantial financial and logistical support from your Foundation and the Montreal Rotary Club, we are hereby soliciting this support to undertake this vital project for so many people.

Financial contributions:


Number of beneficiaries1 260
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC)126 146
Total project cost$ 126,000.00
The Rotary Foundation $ 57,000.00
Rotary District 5080$ 30,120.00
Multiple Rotary Clubs  $ 20,880.00
Castlegar Rotary Club  $ 3,500.00
Montreal Rotary Club$ 7,000.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur$ 7,000.00